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Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex Reviews

Read All Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex reviews. We’re constantly striving to make our wellness products the best and to serve you better. The Dermal Repair Complex reviews below are from actual customers.

Read All Dermal Repair Complex Reviews

Tara, on 09-08-2021
Hidden Gem

Let me start by stating I am 28 years old, work in Aquatics (early wrinkling in my profession is a truly horrifying reality), and lost 35 pounds before I started taking dermal repair complex... I came across Beverly Hills MD on youtube. I watched the ad all the way through, then, always a skeptic, did some research. The separate ingredients all did what the ad claimed, so I thought "Why not?" I had been looking for something to combat the chlorine's affect on my hair for years, and if that was all that dermal complete did, it would be well worth the money. After taking it for just one month, I was blown away! Not only did my hair noticeably start coming in thicker, the annoying little lines on my forehead began smoothing out! But the best result I've had is all the loose skin from my weight loss has tightened up. For me, that is a miracle... So 100% would, and do, recommend this and will continue to take it.

Teri M, on 09-29-2021
Road to Recovery

I have been currently using the Dermal repair Complex for approximately 45 days and can already seen a significant change in my skin's texture. I am a sun person and over 60 so my skin was extremely dry and now it appears more smooth and radiating. I am looking forward to continued use.

Kirsty, on 09-27-2021
Fine lines be gone!

I've been using Dermal Repair Complex for about a month and I have notice my fine lines around my eyes are barely there! They are the reason I started using the product so I'm stoked with the results so quickly! Looking forward to trying more products ❤️

Mercedes M, on 09-23-2021
Love it

My skin feels great, I've gotten so many compliments. I can see the difference and I'm glad I decided to purchase the Dermal Repair Complex

Michelle J, on 09-22-2021
Love this product

I've noticed overall improvement in my skin's texture. It's easy to be compliant with this product. I just add it to the other supplements I take daily. I was actually able to remove some supplements because they are included in Dermal Repair Complex.

D Simmons, on 09-16-2021
Dermal Repair Complex

I believe that The Most High is allowing this product to work for me... past sun damage and hyperpigmentation has not fully reversed but the improvement in my skin tone and texture is undeniable. Noticeable results are progressive. I do not use any other BHMD products but this would probably hasten these results. I simply prefer organic oils and creams for overall skincare and I am willing to take the longer route to achieve lasting results. Dermal Repair Complex is a really great supplement that really delivers!!

Hapiness B, on 09-15-2021

I started using Dermal Repair Complex over 6weeks ago,am on the second bottle now. To be sincere I've noticed some transformation on my Skin, my face and neck to be precise. Am loving this product and as well want to see more "AMAZING" effect of it on my whole Skin. Actually I want to be a testimony to my friends as I introduce Dermal Repair Complex them.

Linda, on 09-15-2021

I started using Dermal Repair Complex about 4 weeks ago..I noticed initial results about 4 days ago. Skin is smoother wrinkles are starting to smooth out..neck is becoming smoother. I'm a 65 lady and after trying numerous products decided to try Dermal Repair. I was skeptical at first but not anymore..ladies please purchase this product it takes time but the results are phenomenal.. Made me a believer..

Helene S, on 09-15-2021

Just started on second bottle and I'm experiencing my skin being firmer and soft. My hair is improving as well! Dermal Repair Complex was recommended by my sister n law! and I'm grateful

Claudette, on 09-15-2021
Great Product

I've been using the Dermal Repair Complex now for a few weeks and I can feel the difference. I noticed it especially in my neck area. Those deep lines have all but disappeared and the skin on my face is smoother. I even noticed that my arms and legs are also smoother. I will definitely recommend this product to friends. Can't wait for the next special promotion so I can buy more.

April, on 09-13-2021
So far, so good

I have been using the Dermal Repair Complex for about five weeks. So far, so good. I am optimistic that I will be seeing more dramatic results after another three weeks or so. I did not expect an overnight miracle but I am seeing some improvement in the firmness of my skin.

Helen, on 09-10-2021
Amazing Product

I have only been using Dermal Repair Complex for 5-6 weeks but already I can see an improvement in my skin tone. I am also seeing a more youthful plumpness in the skin between my lips and chin where I was getting saggy and wrinkled. I really do not think I am imagining the improvements.

Rosie, on 07-07-2017
love this product. I think it is my favorite of all th wonderful Beverly Hill Dr. offerings.

the very first time I used dermal repair complex I noticed an immediate improvement in the texture of my skin. I use it in the morning and again before going to bed, paying close attention to the trouble spots such as my neck, and lines between the eyes and around the mouth. People think I am 15 years younger than my age.

Virginia H, on 07-06-2021
Dermal Repair Complex

I am very pleased at my skin's response to Dermal Repair Complex. Within a couple days my husband and I noticed my skin was so much smoother and brighter. He mentioned how great my skin looked and that I looked so much younger. I have never had a product work that quickly before. All the products I have purchased from you have been exceptional but this is my favorite! I am going to be 80 in August so I am really pleased with the improvement.

Janet H, on 07-30-2021
Amazing Dermal Repair

After about 3 weeks into taking the Dermal Repair Complex, I started noticing how soft and smooth my skin was becoming. I used to have extremely dry, dull skin all over my body and lotions never helped. My elbows are soft and smooth now, my feet aren't cracking anymore and are becoming much more smooth. I no longer need a moisturizer on my face and my face has brightened noticeably. I'm on my third jar getting ready to order more and my skin is getting better and better. I've never used a product that's worked this dramatically before. Thank you so much!! [...]

Kate, on 07-03-2017
Amazing Product!

I have only been using Dermal Repair Complex for 4 days. I decided today to us just your product and my sunscreen with lipstick! My husband asked me what I had done to my face. I asked why? He replied I looked amazing and very natural!

Marie B, on 07-28-2021
Beauty and a Whole Lot More

I ran out of the Dermal Repair Supplement about 1 month ago. I had been using this supplement for about 1 1/2 years. I am constantly complimented on how vibrant I appear. Most people put me at about 52-53 years old. I am 68 1/2. Within the last 2 weeks I noticed that I have not been looking my usual vibrant self. I felt that my age was catching up with me as I did not have "that glow". First I thought it was my make up but there is little change in my routine. I have also been feeling tired and rundown an my hair has not been as manageable as it usually is. I went on line to repurchase some more Dermal Repair Complex and I also viewed the ingredients. I realized that this supplement is rich in B complex and other vitamins so it also has been a vitamin supplement for me. I only take fruit and Veggie capsules, but I was also taking 2 Dermal Repair Supplements each morning. I am looking forward to renewing my regimen of this Complex and enjoying the benefits both physically and cosmetically.

Sandra Ekwall, on 07-24-2020
philanthropic volunteer

I have been using Dermal Repair Complex for about 8 months and can tell a big difference in my face and neck. The skin has so much more moisture and even the cosmeticians ask me what I use on my face as it's like a baby's skin. I am 82 yrs old and have always been very particular about what skin care I use and it has to be the best. I also use an RHA Serum on my face and neck before using a Nourishing Cream prior to my Chanel Foundation.

Sherry C, on 07-22-2021

I purchased 6 jars of Dermal Repair Complex. I'm on my sixth jar now. I am 79 years old, and I look 50. Not bragging, when I ask for my senior discount, they ask to see my ID. Needless to say, I'm getting ready to reorder the Dermal Repair Complex. I

Kimberly Ann Byrne, on 06-03-2021
Happy customer

Ive been using the Dermal Repair Complex for almost 2 months & the difference in my skin is amazing!! I just got online to reorder because I started with just a 3 month supply. My complexion is smoother & areas I had on my face that were "sun damaged spots" have improved so much that I can't wait for my dermatologist to see me next month. I really couldn't be happier. Kimberly Byrne Age 64

Roxy D, on 06-03-2019
Difficult skin

My skin is very sensitive and difficult. I've been fighting increased wrinkles and it seems as though the Dermal Repair Complex may be slowly but surely diminishing the appearance. Thank you!

Cd, on 06-24-2019
Benefits of dermal repair

My mother (74) and I (44) have both used dermal repair complex for a few months, now. I just hope the visible changes in my skin are as notice as they are on my mom. Her skin is so much firmer and lifted. She looks decades younger. He skin just naturally looks healthy. I feel like I have less visible crow's feet, and my skin feels more supple. I see most of the change in my hair, though...

Judy, on 06-23-2017
Simple to take 2 capsules a day

Been using the Dermal Repair Complex for exactly 30 days. My skin, after just 2 weeks started to feel "silky and smooth" without lotion. My elbows and knees are really smooth and not dry. Anxious and excited to see the results to follow.

Teresa D, on 06-18-2019

I have been taking the dermal repair complex for approx; one month. I feel blessed that my skin is in really good overall condition. At age 67 the fine lines start to show more. Some topical products assist with blending som of those lines. That said, I have noticed that with taking the Dermal Repair Complex I am addressing the issue systemically. I have noticed the lines are more subtle and appear to be softer. It is definitely worth adding this supplement to my regimen.

Jenan Kristiansen, on 06-16-2021
Dermal Repair Complex

I can't say that the Dermal Repair Complex took me back to my twenties ... but it definitely improved my skin. I noticed that when I first tried it some months ago, but I stopped taking it, then the condition of my skin deteriorated. I was feeling very depressed as aging started to be very obvious on my face, I even looked older than my real age. So, I started to use this product again, and I noticed the improvement after one week. Now, I am sure it works. [...]

Shelagh Britton, on 06-16-2021

I am a 76-year-old Western Australian woman and I have just finished my third jar of Dermal Repair Complex. I followed up an ad that appeared online offering this product for sale and purchased 3 jars. Our climate is not kind to aging skin and so I was pleasantly surprised to find that approaching the end of my purchased supply, my skin does seem to be softer with the wrinkles less defined. It is winter now for us here, but I would like to purchase more and continue with the treatment. [...]

Rachael, on 06-11-2021
Improved fingernails

I'm just about to reorder a 2nd 3-month supply. I am just finishing up my 1st 3-month supply. While I haven't really noticed a big change in my skin (I have heavily sun-damaged skin from 30 years of living on a tropical island) I HAVE noticed a little bit of change to my undereye area, which seems less crepey, and a small improvement to my forehead wrinkles. The biggest improvement has been to my fingernails, which have always been thin, brittle and easily broken. I'm going to give this Dermal Repair Complex supplement 3 more months to see if things continue to improve. I can say this, until now, I never found anything that helped my nails. It's not a huge investment so, I hope there will be more noticeable changes to my face, if not, at least I have better nails. Thank you.

Sharon, on 06-10-2019
The Right Stuff

My face feels soooo smooth! I've been using Dermal Repair Complex for about 3 months and it has really made a difference. The texture and tone of my face improved within two weeks and it continues to improve daily. As a matter of fact, my entire body seems to have benefited with an increase in hydration. This is a product I plan to use for the rest of my days.

Linda, on 05-31-2019
Love the results!

I have seen a significant improvement in the tightness of my neck. My skin really is firming up since taking Dermal Repair Complex for a little more than 2 months now. My complexion has evened out as well. I'm very pleased with this product!

Carol, on 05-31-2019
Dermal Repair Complex

People don't believe my age of 78 but I don't know what is the reason for certain! I use Dermal Repair Complex and a number of facial creams made by Beverly Hills MD! I don't know that one product is responsible, but I like them all!

Sherry, on 04-28-2017

Good morning Dr. Layke, I am using your night cream and taking "Dermal Repair Complex. Your customer service department has been very helpful in the past. Thank you, Mrs. Clayton

Haley, on 04-23-2019

I'm 33 years old and have been focusing on a quality skincare regimen. I saw the ad for dermal repair complex and decided to try it. I've been taking them as directed since the beginning of April and I already see a dramatic difference in my hair. I've been wearing hair extensions for the past few years for fullness and length and during this time I just so happened to take my extensions out to give my scalp a break. My hair looks so much thicker, that I'm keeping them out and rocking my natural hair! My complexion is looking great also. I also use a great quality face serum and hair products, but this added has made an even bigger difference! I will definitely be repurchasing. I also saw the drink mix version, may give that a try as well. Will check back later after more time has passed to share my results!

Sylvia P, on 04-22-2021
Impressive results in two weeks for me!!!

I've been using this Dermal Repair Complex for 2 weeks now. I sent a photo of myself to a friend the they couldn't believe how smooth, clear and young my skin looked. My friend wasn't told anything about me trying a new product, and saw me three weeks ago. I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe for myself how many wrinkles are going away, smooth and even toned beautiful skin. Almost all of my forehead wrinkles are gone. I do look younger already. Impressive results! I'm turning 60 this May.

Michelle B, on 04-21-2021
A win all around!

I have been having obvious skin problems for about a year. Breakouts never seem to completely go away on my face. My hair was shedding rapidly. Small blemishes seemed to take forever to heal and I was really starting to feel old. I made a rapid decision to try Dermal Repair Complex in desperation. Within 2 weeks, my skin improved 10x. Within 3 weeks i had NO blemishes at all. After a month I noticed my shedd hair was no longer a staple in my daily wardrobe. I am very pleased with the results. My husband stopped complaining about my hair being everywhere and even noticed how nice my skin looks. A WIN ALL AROUND!!!

A E Compton, on 04-10-2018
It's What's Inside that Counts

What goes in must come out, right? So, based on my personal experience with Beverly Hills MD's Dermal Repair Complex, I must agree. Am on my third bottle of the product and have noticed a positive change in my skin's elasticity and radiance. My stylist has noted that my hair's growth rate and 'health' has improved. A side benefit is increased nail strength and growth. In the past, broken nails were commonplace. Since taking the Complex, there has been a marked improvement. And speaking of nails, the hands to which they are attached look several years younger-a plus for this 65 year old who was not religious about using sunscreen in her early life. Try this product, and give your body time to process the effects. You will not be disappointed.

Cls3, on 03-03-2017
Love this

I've been taking the Dermal Repair Complex for almost a month now and my face has shown an improvement. My skin feels softer and is even showing signs of the glow I once had. I'm very happy!

Angela Crockett, on 03-18-2021
Miracle Worker

Fantabulous! I purchased this product a month ago, this has been one of my best investments to date! I usually do not write reviews, but it would be a sin not to give credit where credit is due. It works! I will be 60 years old in June, after two weeks I started to notice the bags under my eyes diminishing! Then I started to see subtle differences on my neck, and chest area! Miraculous! Needless to say I reordered and can't wait to see the transformation within the next six months, and the years to come. Thank you to Beverly Hills MD team, Dermal Repair Complex is simply amazing! Bravo!

Josephine Nichols, on 03-17-2020
I'm back to looking 45

At 62 I cannot say enough about your dermal repair complex; and I tried a lot of products for years. I can see the difference in my skin, it's smoother and firmer and I don't have the puffy eyes . Most of all I'm loving all the compliments I received from my family and friends saying, I Got a glow! Love this product and it works ! Thank you so much!

Joan Olson, on 09-30-2019
Dermal Repair

I wasn't sure it was working at first, but now after 3 weeks, my skin is plumper and smoother. I feel better mentally too although I'm not sure if that's from the ingredients themselves or simply a reaction to looking better. In any case, it's a real boost psychologically to the aging conundrum! I'm ordering more.

Rosie, on 05-30-2019

Iƒ??ve noticed my hair has thickened some, I now have more body and some curl which I never had and my skin looks younger. I will soon be 70. My daughter ( who is 47) went to get pedicures and we were asked if we were sisters. When my daughter shared her age I was asked how old I was and when I told her she didnƒ??t believe me. She said I must be very healthy because my skin looked so good.

Pam, on 08-12-2018
It's a game changer

My skin was getting thinner at 55 yrs old. I have a puppy that jumps all the time & I was getting tears in my skin from her nails. After 3 more. Puppy behaving better, BUT my skin is behaving better also. No more easily getting boo-boos every time I bump my skin. My skin is smoother, firmer and overall healthier. I have started my 24 yr old daughter on this supplement. Why try to go back and fix what can be prevented. Wish I'd had this at 30. You won't be disappointed, but stick with it and remember it took time for skin to age and it will take time to see it change.

Jennifer, on 02-10-2018
Dermal Repair Complex

I have used the Dermal Repair Complex daily for 6 months, and am very pleased with the changes I see in my skin. I wash my face with a gentle cleanser and apply a night cream before bed, light sun screen in the AM, and since taking Dermal Repair Complex I notice the skin on my face and neck are more supple, and brighter, with less noticeable wrinkles around my eyes, forehead and neck. The ingredients in Dermal Repair Complex are my primary daily supplement, which makes remembering my daily dose easy!

Nino, on 07-04-2017
It's working!

I've had an extreme weight loss of 150 lbs. and at my age the skin does not readily tighten up as it should. The product is beginning to give the skin more elasticity and helping the loose skin to begin tightening.

Nancy, on 03-20-2017
Finally a sensible approach !!

I am very happy that someone has decided to tackle this "anti-aging" Process from the "inside-out" !!! To me it seems to be the most sensible approach !! Having just started using this product, I have no comments on its effective just yet-----but I have great hopes

Candy, on 12-09-2016
My skin just keeps getting better!!

Funny, at my age, I just never believed that any product could improve my skin and reduce wrinkles! I thought plastic surgery was my only option. A few days ago my husband asked me if I was sneaking out to get injections! He couldn't believe how plump and smooth my face looked!

Amazing, on 12-09-2016
Spectacular Supplement

Have been on this Dermal therapy 1 cap daily and my skin glows as if I just moisturized and just been so clear as if I am wearing a light make up the whole day. I just love this product because it target the inner problem by bombarding with the nutrients needed to suppress aging.

Lila, on 12-09-2016
Easy to incorporate in your daily rutine!

The longer I take this supplement, the more improvement I will see! (Rome was not built in one day)! Also another culprit causing the aging of the skin is the sun! Very important to use sunscreen every day!

Carole, on 12-09-2016
love a little goes a long way and easy to apply

I use all the products and repair complex has brightened my skin, smoothed, firmed and wrinkles diminished - use at night and line smoothing during the day with the lift

Holly, on 02-27-2017
Very happy

Feeling great on the Dermal Repair Complex. Easy to take and fits in well with my multi-vitamin regime.

Rita, on 02-21-2017
Love it, and it smells good

I started using Dermal Repair Complex about a week ago, my face is do luch softer and smoother!

Barb, on 02-02-2021
It works for older women

I am 78 y.o. I have tried for years to have a decent looking completion. I have tried every expensive and every cheaper brand available. When I read about this Dermal Repair Complex from Beverly Hills MD I had to try one more product. I am very pleased with this product. My complexion cleared up and those deep wrinkles became fine lines. I was pleased and I just finished my fourth bottle. I have one problem that I am sure other women have had too. I am on a diet and am losing weight which naturally causes the skin to loose firmness and wrinkle. The Dermal Repair brings it back and your skin firms up. Thank you and I'm reordering.

Sharon L Rice, on 02-16-2021
You look radiant

I'm 70 years old and started taking Dermal Repair Complex to reduce hair thinning and improve skin elasticity. I've been using this product for about 3-4 months. My hair thinning seems to have stabilized. My hair is growing faster and is soft and shiny. My deep wrinkles are also improving. My overall skin condition seems to be improved. My boyfriend says I look radiant. I've lost more than 30 pounds recently and Dermal Repair seems to be helping with minimizing the sagging skin that comes with weight loss. An unexpected side benefit -- the saw palmetto has reduced the number of nighttime trips to the rest room!

Mildy Vargas, on 02-16-2020
Skin Care

I'm 72 years old, I've been using the Dermal Repair Complex just for approximately a month or so and my face skin feels smoother [...]

Lashauna Nott, on 02-14-2020
I'm a believer

I keep getting ppl asking me if I'm in my early 20s. thank you for your product, I'm going to get some for my mother now that I'm a believer I'm going to make her one too and I know shes going to fall in love with the Dermal Repair Complex just like I did! With all my love Thanks guys!

D Williams, on 02-13-2020
Dermal Repair Complex

I am 47 and have crepey skin on my forearms, elbows, knees, and neck. After using one bottle of Dermal Repair Complex, I have noticed a thickening of my skin and a significant change in smoothness.It is like the clock has turned back and my skin looks like it did in my 30's. I keep looking at my skin's results in shock. Nothing else that I have tried has made such a drastic change. My hands even look less wrinkled. I can't wait to see the results after my second bottle.

Pam, on 02-12-2020
can't imagine not having this product

Been taking Dermal Repair Complex for a while now-ditched the rest of my multi bottles of vitamins and minerals. Honestly I don't remember anymore what the difference was when I began-just know it was huge, but I do know I would never be without it.

Jennifer, on 02-10-2018
Dermal Repair Complex

I have used the Dermal Repair Complex daily for 6 months, and am very pleased with the changes I see in my skin. I wash my face with a gentle cleanser and apply a night cream before bed, light sun screen in the AM, and since taking Dermal Repair Complex I notice the skin on my face and neck are more supple, and brighter, with less noticeable wrinkles around my eyes, forehead and neck. The ingredients in Dermal Repair Complex are my primary daily supplement, which makes remembering my daily dose easy!

Double M, on 12-09-2016

My expectations of the Dermal Repair Complex were so astonishingly met! I have tried several hair, skin & nail complex formulas with average results. So, trying BHMD was a gamble. My nails are stronger than ever! They do not peel or crack and they are growing! My hair is silky with less hair loss when shampooing! In additon, it is a wonderful supplement to add to my vitamin regime. Thank you for such a great product!

Crispin, on 12-09-2016
My skin has never looked better

I cannot believe the way I look after two months of using the dermal repair complex along with your topical products. I am looking dramatically younger and feeling just great.

Sunrae, on 12-09-2016
I am very happy with Dermal Repair. I feel it goes well to use with your other products which all help the skin feel firm, smooth, with a youthful glow. Where we treat the outside I feel we need to treat the inside. I am greatful for this product.

I have used vitamins with other skin care products and this Dermal Repair Complex is so much easier. No after taste effects...just healthy skin.

Lanie, on 12-09-2016


Mary Chamberlain, on 12-08-2020
Amazing Product

I will be 76yrs old this month and I can't say enough great things about Dermal Repair Complex. I have been taking it for a year now n literally no one ever guesses my age. I also use a lot of their other products. I am a retired Medical Esthetician so I don't waste my money on things that don't work. Just give it time n you will be amazed!!!

Gypsy, on 12-26-2016
One of your finest products to-date!!

I've been using Dermal Repair Complex now for over a month with excellent results. This is one of your best products to-date.

Ngml, on 12-13-2016
Good supplement with quality ingredients

My wrinkles seem to have diminish, especially the laugh or talk lines. However, I should also add that I cannot say for sure if my improved appearance is due to this dermal repair complex, or to the resurface restore kit, which I also started to use about the same time, or the stem cell moisturizer... I did not realize that my face has become a BHMD lab!

Sunita, on 12-12-2016
Great! I will continue to use the product.

In the last 3 plus weeks that I have been using Dermal Repair Complex I see and feel my skin is firmer and smoother. The lines under my eye has definitely decreased.

Marianne, on 10-06-2021
No longer afraid to look in the mirror

Mid pandemic I looked into the mirror and was quite upset! It looked as if my face had drooped! Serendipitously I saw an advertisement for dermal repair complex. After reading the reviews, I decided to give it a try! Within days of use, my skin began to look smoother and experienced a lifting sensation on my face! I have been using the product now for 6 weeks! I am no longer afraid to look in the mirror. The other day while on a zoom call, my client said “You look different today! I can't figure out what exactly but you look radiant”. A few days later, I had dinner with 3 friends I had not seen in some time! One friend said, “I have to tell you, your skin looks amazing! What's your secret?” Thank you Dr Layke and Dr Danielpour! This product is a keeper !

Lora B., on 10-05-2021
Saw a difference quickly!

I've enjoyed using the Dermal Repair Complex for about a month now. I began noticing a difference after about 2 weeks. My skin was much less dry and had an over all more balanced tone to it. I believe it has also positively impacted my hair and nails as well! I have no complaints and since this has been a wonderful suppliment I will continue to use it. I can't wait to see the longer term effects!

Maria Sandman, on 10-12-2020
I'm a believer!

I'm in the middle of month 3 of taking this supplement (I started with 1 pill a day and at 3 weeks, started taking 2 pills per day) and now I am actually seeing a difference. I noticed the crease line from my nose to the end of my smile/mouth has filled in somewhat. I've been looking at it these past 3 days in a row to make sure it's not my imagination or maybe bloating that's causing the crease there to not be as pronounced but after much scrutiny, I can honestly say there is improvement. Concurrently I am also drinking green smoothies that are great for the skin and doing Vitamin C/Collagen face masks at least twice a week, using my Meaningful Beauty deep cleansing masque at least twice a week along with the standard daily Youth Serum, cleansing, day and night cream routine. I also make an effort to stay hydrated. I'm sure all of this combined is making a difference but prior to taking the Dermal Repair complex, I was doing all the other things and the crease between my nose and end of mouth did not look as smooth/filled out as it does now so I will stick with the Dermal Repair for at least a year.

David Kilmer, on 01-26-2019
Skin repair

I see a difference already and I have only been taking Dermal Repair Complex for about a month . I bought 9 bottles and I just finished my first one . Can't wait to see the difference in another 8 months . David Kilmer

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Dermal Repair Complex FAQ

What Is The Ingredient List For Dermal Repair Complex?

The secret of Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex is in its science-backed, powerful ingredients. In each capsule, you can find ‘youth-boosting’ compounds like:

Other ingredients: Yam Root Extract, Silica, Rice Bran, Hypromellose (capsule)

I'm Under 40 And I Want To Improve My Skin. Can This Supplement Help Me?

Dermal Repair Complex is suitable for people of all ages. This formula was designed to support skin structure and elasticity — for visibly smooth, firm-looking skin from head to toe.. Even if you aren’t yet seeing visible signs of aging yet, skin of all ages can be supported by the advanced ingredients in Dermal Repair Complex.*†

Always speak to your doctor before making any changes to your diet, including supplements.

Does Dermal Repair Complex Work For Men With Saggy, Crepey-Looking Skin?

While men’s skin is about 20% thicker than women’s, the inner mechanics of their skin cells are largely the same. Dermal Repair Complex was formulated to help fight causes of visible aging, and support smooth-looking, firm skin. This goes for men and women alike.*†

How Does This Product Compare To Others?

Many internal factors play a role in aging. Changes in hormone levels, moisture, and collagen are all related to visible signs of aging. These changes happen internally, within the cells of your body. Unlike creams and serums, Dermal Repair Complex works internally too.

This supplement is unique from other products thanks to its innovative ingredients. It combines well-known, thoroughly studied compounds like hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid, along with cutting-edge ingredients, like MSM and Saw Palmetto..*†

How Do You Take Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex?

Dermal Repair Complex is a daily supplement that can help skin look firm, smooth, and youthful. To add Dermal Repair Complex to your routine, simply take 2 capsules with water with a meal of your choice. For best results, take Dermal Repair Complex consistently.

Where Can I Buy Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex?

You can purchase Dermal Repair Complex and a host of other cutting-edge, science-backed, anti-aging solutions on the Beverly Hills MD website. There, you can also find advice for supporting youthful, ‘age-less’-looking skin.

*Results can and will vary.

†Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.