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About Payman Danielpour & John Layke

Renowned plastic surgeons Payman Danielpour and John Layke came to know one another in medical school. They shared a symbiotic vision of how cosmetic surgery could improve the lives and benefit the health and well-being of all sorts of patients facing various challenges — physical and beyond.

It didn’t take long for the two aspiring doctors to become best friends. Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke went through their plastic surgery residencies at the Nassau University Medical Center. They relied on one another, pushing each other to become the best they could be. Then, they endeavored to achieve full training at the reputable Long Island Plastic Surgical Group. Moreover, they were roommates.

Sharing was easy for the doctors, so after completing their training, they moved back to Beverly Hills, Dr. Danielpour’s hometown. There, they co-founded the well-respected Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group.

 In 2014, the team began developing cutting-edge formulas and compound blends so they could offer healthy-looking skin and a youthful appearance to anyone, not just those who came to their office. The Beverly Hills MD product line took off, and the rest is history.

About Beverly Hills MD

Friends and colleagues for years, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group cosmetic surgeons Dr. John Layke and Dr. Payman Danielpour refuse to accept anything less than successful results — especially when it comes to someone’s health and beauty. That’s why they created the Beverly Hills MD product line. Beverly Hills MD products were designed to help you look your best. And Drs. Layke and Danielpour stop at nothing to offer unique, ever-evolving, and effective products.

Every Beverly Hills MD product targets a different issue — including particularly stubborn signs of aging, such as the appearance of sagging skin,  deep wrinkles, dark spots, crow's feet,  volume loss, and more.

Trusted by LA’s most visible celebrities, Beverly Hills MD products are crafted to make you feel like a Hollywood star, no matter your age.

And because Beverly Hills MD products are designed from the heart, the company proudly sponsors SmileTrain — an international charity focused on providing sustainable surgery and care to underserved children with cleft lip and palate conditions.